Lunch Menu

Monday - Friday  

 11:30 am - 2 pm

Tropical Fried Chicken                                         12

Jerk Pork                                                               12

 BBQ Ribs                                                              12

Negril Sunshine Salad                                         12

Stew Pork                                                              12

Soup and Salad                                                    12

Fish Salad                                                             12

Chicken Wings And Fries                                    12


Lil' Negril Sunshine Salad -  served with vinaigrette dressing - $ 7.50

Codfish Fritters (4 pieces) - $ 7.00

Tropical Spinach Salad - served with

                vinaigrette  dressing - $8.50

 Festival - served with warm secret sauce        

(4 pieces) Dip $6.00

Spinach and Artichoke Dip - served with warmed chips (5oz) $10.25

Green Plantain Chips and Cod Fish Dip            6 pieces) $7.00

Avocado and cilantro dip Jamaican style served with warm chips (5oz) $8.00

                           Fire Under Your Wire Wings with Tamarind dip (4 pcs) $7.50

Shrimp Wrapped served with Lava Sauce            (4 pcs) $ 5.00


Soup of the day $5.00


Seafood Delight $ 14.75

Grill Fish and shrimp served over a crisp green yogurt dressing.

Jerk Chicken Salad $ 14.00

Jerk Chicken served over crisp greens drizzle with  in house dressing.

Steam Seasonal Vegetable $ 14.50

fresh steamed seasonal vegetable tossed in olive oil


​All Entrée are served with fried Plantains, Congo Peas and Tropical Fried Chicken 15.00 / Meat Only $ 11.50 

A favorite of most tropical island - Marinated in special herbs and spices dipped in egg white and deep fried in seasoned batter served with chef special sauce

Chicken Curried $15.50

A Breast of chicken marinated with special herbs and spices slow cooked in a coconut curry to unleashed the flavors of the Caribbean.

Chicken Fricassee $15.00 / Meat Only $11.00

stew chicken marinated with Caribbean herbs and spices and simmered in a homemade  herbs and spices.

      Jerk Chicken with mango Salsa or a

                       Side Salad $ 15.50

Famous of the Jamaican dishes marinated in special herbs and spices slow baked glazed with house made sauce for an exciting, vibrant bronzed glazed appeal

Side Jerk Chicken $ 11.50

                             Add $1.50 extra for white meat (chicken)

Jerk Pork $15.50

One of the mostfamous of the Jamaican dishes originated from the Caribs and Arawaks seasoned and spice pork roasted until golden brown garnished with fresh cilantro.

Side Jerk Pork $11.50

Braised Oxtail $ 16.95 / Meat Only $ 12.00

Marinated with specials herbs and spices, slow cooked to unleashed all the flavors of the Caribbean.Meat

BBQ  Ribs $15.50/ Meat Only $ 11.50 

Popular dish enjoyed by visitors to Jamaica marinated in herbs and spices baked with a homemade  sauce to ensure an exciting, vibrant bronzed glazed appeal.

Negril Burger with fries $14.00

Marinated beef burger Charbroiled served with chipotle BBQ sauce and fries

Curried Goat $15.75

Caribbean a dish enjoyed at most festive celebration - Marinated in special herbs and spices.

Side Curried Goat $ 11.50


Mixed of root vegetables and beans simmered in Tumeric and herb sauce

Fish Dishes

Ackee and cod fish $15.50 / Ackee Only  11.75

                          Jamaician National Dish

cod fish and ackee sateed with tomato, onions and habaneros

Pan sear salmon fillet $19.00

Pan sear salmon with tomatoes and herb serve with garlic mash potatoes

        Grilled Fish fillet with seasonal               

                         vegetable  $18.00

Marinated in fine herbs and spices Grilled to perfection to bring out a myriad of exotic, spicy and tastyflavors

Shrimp In Butter Sauce $ 19.00

Shrimp marinated with special herbs and spices, cooked in a shell fish stock,served with garlic mash potatoes.


Goat - (Bone in) 

Bust Up Shut Roti - $15.95

Chicken - (Bone in) 

Bust Up Shut Roti - $15.50


Bust Up Shut Roti - $15.75


Bust Up Shut Roti $15.75

Lets make it a roti platter for $2.00

Stir-fry Dishes

Stir-fry fresh vegetable with your choice of meat

Shrimp stir fry $15.75

Chicken stir fry $15.50

Vegetables stir fry $15.75

Kids Menu        


Hamburger and fries with a small kid's drink $7.00

4 Chicken wings and fries and a small drink $8.00 

1 drumstick, fries and a small drink $8.00

Fries can be substitute with rice


                          Sides Order

Festival (2) $3.00

Rice and Congo Peas sml $3.75 lg $7.00

White rice - sml $3.25 - lg $6.50

Fried Plantain(10) $5.00

French fries reg $2.50 large $3.75

 Mango Salsa $ 3.25 

Side Steam Vegetables $ 3.50

Roti Shell $ 2.75




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