Lunch Menu

Monday - Friday  

 11:30 am - 2 pm

Tropical Fried Chicken                                         $ 8.99

Jerk Pork                                                               $ 8.99

BBQ Pork                                                               $ 8.99

BBQ Ribs                                                               $ 8.99

Negril Sunshine Salad                                          $ 8.99

Stew Pork                                                              $ 8.99


Lil' Negril Sunshine Salad -  served with vinaigrette dressing - $ 7.50

Codfish Fritters (4 pieces) - $ 7.00

Tropical Spinach Salad - served with

                vinaigrette  dressing - $8.50

 Festival - served with warm secret sauce        

(4 pieces) Dip $6.00

Spinach and Artichoke Dip - served with warmed chips (5oz) $10.25

Green Plantain Chips and Cod Fish Dip            6 pieces) $7.00

Avocado and cilantro dip Jamaican style served with warm chips (5oz) $8.00

                           Fire Under Your Wire Wings with Tamarind dip (4 pcs) $7.50

Shrimp Wrapped served with Lava Sauce            (4 pcs) $ 5.00


Soup of the day $5.00


Seafood Delight $ 14.75

Grill Fish and shrimp served over a crisp green yogurt dressing.

Jerk Chicken Salad $ 14.00

Jerk Chicken served over crisp greens drizzle with  in house dressing.

Steam Seasonal Vegetable $ 14.50

fresh steamed seasonal vegetable tossed in olive oil


​All Entrée are served with fried Plantains, Congo Peas and rice.


                        Tropical Fried Chicken $14.50

A favorite of most tropical island - Marinated in special herbs and spices dipped in egg white and deep fried in seasoned batter served with chef special sauce

Chicken Curried $14.95

A Breast of chicken marinated with special herbs and spices slow cooked in a coconut curry to unleashed the flavors of the Caribbean.

Chicken Fricassee $14.50

stew chicken marinated with Caribbean herbs and spices and simmered in a homemade  herbs and spices.

      Jerk Chicken with mango Salsa or a

                       Side Salad $ 14.75

Famous of the Jamaican dishes marinated in special herbs and spices slow baked glazed with house made sauce for an exciting, vibrant bronzed glazed appeal

Side Jerk Chicken $ 11.00

                             Add $1.50 extra for white meat (chicken)

Jerk Pork $14.50

One of the mostfamous of the Jamaican dishes originated from the Caribs and Arawaks seasoned and spice pork roasted until golden brown garnished with fresh cilantro.

Side Jerk Pork $11.00

Braised Oxtail $ 16.00

Marinated with specials herbs and spices, slow cooked to unleashed all the flavors of the caribbean.

BBQ  Ribs $14.50

Popular dish enjoyed by visitors to Jamaica marinated in herbs and spices baked with a homemade  sauce to ensure an exciting, vibrant bronzed glazed appeal.

Negril Burger with fries $13.00

Marinated beef burger Charbroiled served with chipotle BBQ sauce and fries

Curried Goat $15.00

Caribbean a dish enjoyed at most festive celebration - Marinated in special herbs and spices.

Side Curried Goat $ 11.00


Mixed of root vegetables and beans simmered in Tumeric and herb sauce

Fish Dishes

Ackee and cod fish $14.95

                          Jamaician National Dish

cod fish and ackee sateed with tomato, onions and habaneros

Pan sear salmon fillet $19.00

Pan sear salmon with tomatoes and herb serve with garlic mash potatoes

        Grilled Fish fillet with seasonal               

                         vegetable  $18.00

Marinated in fine herbs and spices Grilled to perfection to bring out a myriad of exotic, spicy and tastyflavors

Shrimp In Butter Sauce $ 19.00

Shrimp marinated with special herbs and spices, cooked in a shell fish stock,served with garlic mash potatoes.


Goat - (Bone in) 

Bust Up Shut Roti - $15.00

Chicken - (Bone in) 

Bust Up Shut Roti - $14.00


Bust Up Shut Roti - $15.00


Bust Up Shut Roti $14.00

Lets make it a roti platter for $2.00

Stir-fry Dishes

Stir-fry fresh vegetable with your choice of meat

Shrimp stir fry $15.00

Chicken stir fry $14.00

Vegetables stir fry $14.50

Kids Menu        


Hamburger and fries with a small kid's drink $6.00

4 Chicken wings and fries and a small drink $7.00

1 drumstick, fries and a small drink $7.00

Fries can be substitute with rice


                          Sides Order

Festival (2) $3.00

Rice and Congo Peas sml $3.75 lg $7.00

White rice - sml $3.25 - lg $6.50

Fried Plantain(10) $5.00

French fries reg $2.50 large $3.50

 Mango Salsa $ 3.00 









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